The meaning of Orchid Flower

Orchid is one of the most popular flower in the world and it represents love, beauty and strength. If your birth flower is orchid then you stand for admiration and respect. Orchid is a flower that has been held in high regard since the old times and it symbolizes fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness and charm. Red orchids symbolize passion and desire, pick orchids are symbol of happiness, white orchids are symbol of innocence and green orchids are symbol of fortune and blessings. Here are some Orchid pictures.

orchid-15 orchid orchid-3 orchid-13 orchid-8 orchid-11 orchid-1 orchid-2 orchid-14 orchid-5 orchid-12 orchid-1 orchid-9 orchid-10 orchid-7 orchid-17 orchid-19 orchid-4 orchid-6 orchid-18

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