The meaning of Iris Flower

Iris is believed to be the most beautiful flowers in the world and it is the symbol of light, love and life. Can you imagine living in a world without flowers? it will be extremely hard living in a world without the beauty of flowers. Iris is a flower that means different things in different cultures across the world. Hope, Wisdom and faith are some of its most common meanings. Iris comes in four different colors and they are purple, blue, yellow, and white. Purple iris represent wisdom, blue represents hope, yellow represents passion and white represents innocence. Here are some Iris pictures.

iris-15 iris-14 iris-1 iris-6 iris-5 iris-7 iris-1 iris-13 iris-12 iris-8 iris-1 iris-11 iris-16 iris-3 iris flower iris-2 iris-4 iris-9 iris-17 iris-18 iris flower

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