Daisy is a flower that conveys innocence, loyal love and purity. Flowers are not concerned of competing with other flowers. Instead they are just playing their part in making this world more beautiful. Daisies can be found everywhere in the world except one place called Antarctica. A common phrase that is connected with this beautiful flower is: “Fresh as a daisy”. If your birth flower is daisy then you are a happy go lucky person and you love to spread joy and cheer around you. Here are some Daisy pictures.

daisy-9 daisy-15daisy-6 daisy-17 daisy-11 daisy-16 daisy-13 daisy-14 daisy-4 daisy-3 daisy-7 daisy-1 daisy-12 daisy-3 daisy-2 daisy-8 daisy-2 daisy-18 daisy-1 daisy-10

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