There is something special about flowers as they always bring out the best in people. They make us better, happier, and more helpful to others, basically flowers are sunshine, food and medicine to our souls. Carnation flowers represent Mother’s Day and are in a lot of demand on this special day. White carnations suggest pure love and good luck. Light red symbolize admiration and dark red represent deep love and affection. Carnation flower is one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet Earth. Here are some Carnation pictures.

carnation-11 carnation-20 carnation-15 carnation-12 carnation-8 carnation-18 carnation-19 carnation-17 carnation-7 carnation-14 carnation-21 carnation-10 carnation-1 carnation-5 carnation-4 carnation-13 carnation-6 carnation-16 carnation-2 carnation-3 carnation-9 carnation-1

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